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Functional analysis

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Good performance of a project begins with a clear definition of the requirements. Installation of a back-up generator, new equipment or a new simulation tool, for a company or on an industrial site, requires that a Specification document be written for the supplier beforehand.

To be exhaustive, precise and quantified, the Specification must be compiled using a clear method. The characteristics specified often require a detailed analysis of all the environmental variables and specification of all the functionalities associated with the requirement, without which the supplied product will risk being unsuitable.

Service principle:
Through consideration of the special characteristics belonging to the field of electricity grids and systems, the functional analyses carried out by Capsim employ standardized analysis tools.

In particular, they can:
- exhaustively define the functional requirements that must be fulfilled by a system, at its design stage (external analysis)
- use the specified characteristics of a product to produce a Specification to send to the supplier
- measure the suitability of a system or a solution for the functions that it is required to perform and identify any deviations from these (internal analysis)
- prepare a reliability analysis or a failure mode analysis (FMECA)

Corresponding achievement(s):

Table from a functionality analysis required for a real-time simulator (extract)
Table from a functionality analysis required for a real-time simulator (extract)

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