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Assisting the real-time running of an electrical power grid model for a helicopter

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As part of the development of a simulation platform intended for use by helicopter pilot crews, a representative model of the electrical power grid for the pilot and the other systems which can be simulated in real-time was required.

CAPSIM was asked by its customer to develop this real-time model of the helicopter's electrical power grid containing the generators, batteries, DC distribution system and the various power consumption units.

The "real-time" constraint led to the use of a sufficiently rapid discrete solver with fixed time step, the electrical equipment and the power grid being developed in the AMESim environment.
This, therefore, involved studying the physical and behavioural phenomena to be modelled and proposing an adequate power grid model which could be run in real-time.

The solution used by CAPSIM to represent the system was a matrix model of the electrical power grid. One component, programmed in C and encapsulated in the AMESim environment, could perform a matrix inversion generating the branch currents and the voltages at the nodes of the power grid. The interface components between the command logic (command bits) and the component in C (the input to which was the resistance values of the branches of the loads and the voltage and current sources) were developed.

The interest here is to benefit from a representative model of the physics, allowing real-time validation of the control system (the command logic of the switches of the power grid).
Moreover, the C code based on a robust matrix method (standard C functions) constitutes the basis of the C code for the real-time model of the helicopter electrical power grid on a platform which is yet to be defined.

Process executed at each calculation step
Process executed at each calculation step

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