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Sizing an electricity distribution grid

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As part of the design and development of distribution grids, whether they be public (e.g. town grids), or private (e.g. industrial sites), it is necessary to size or verify the sizing of the major equipment components for transmitting the electrical energy (transformers, cables, electrical panels, etc.).

The grid operator or the company contracting a project must first guarantee that the electricity grid is correctly sized and complies with applicable standards so as to ensure the safety of people and property. Then, it will normally seek to optimize the sizing in such a way as to control all its costs: investment (initial equipment cost), operation (minimizing active and reactive losses, reliability) and maintenance (special configurations, redundancies, etc.).

Service principle:
Capsim applies its experience in the sizing of electricity grids and uses suitable calculation tools to help you to design your distribution grid in the optimum manner.

The sizing is optimized in such a way as to reduce costs while guaranteeing compliance with the electrical standards in force, with total impartiality towards and independence from equipment suppliers.

Corresponding achievement(s):

Comparison of two infrastructure options for the ITER electricity grid
Comparison of two infrastructure options for the ITER electricity grid

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