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Electrical power grid studies

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Power flow and voltage plan study

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Existing electricity grids are sometimes subject to modifications: restructuring of the grid, equipment modifications, load modifications. The reactive energy compensation is also a significant question in cases where it affects invoicing from the grid operator.
Furthermore, for a new electricity installation, a classic load assessment cannot easily take account of the electricity transmission losses nor the configurations of the grid. This leads, on the one hand, to approximations in the total active and reactive power estimation and, on the other hand, to difficulties in optimum sizing of the distribution.

It was necessary to verify that the power flows circulating in the various branches of the grid and the voltage levels at the different nodes maintain acceptable values and to do this for all the operating modes to which the grid is subject. This required sizing of the distribution equipment (cables, transformers, etc.). In some cases, it was also necessary to size and position reactive power compensation systems in the grid.

Service principle:
Capsim performed power flow studies using numerical simulation to model the entire grid concerned and consider its operating modes (winter/summer, backup and maintenance modes, etc.). The values for all of the electrical variables of the grid were therefore calculated.

In this way, it was possible:
- to verify the compliance of the power flows and the voltage levels of the power grid
- to size the electrical distribution equipment (cables, transformers, etc.)
- to size and evaluate the reactive energy compensation solutions
- to test and validate the solutions for changes to the grid in the event of non-compliance

Calculation of the power flow of a grid
Calculation of the power flow of a grid

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