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Reliability report on distribution electrical network

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Severity classification
Severity classification
Clientĺs project has to be in compliance with a requested level of reliability, availability and maintainability. A complete Reliability report must be carried out to prove that the installation design is in compliance with the expected reliability.

Capsim has produced an extensive Reliability report that includes:
  • Functional Block Diagram: using the single line diagrams, a block diagram is produced, this diagram includes the interactions between the network elements, from generators to circuit-breakers and cables or even safety components.
  • Preliminary Hazards/Risks Analysis: A generic checklist is gone through in order to identify the risks that are likely to happen on the network. Then a table with all the scenarios that could lead to all undesired states of the system identified. Finally the undesired states of the system are classified by severity.
  • The Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis: this step allows the evaluation of one individual element failure on the global system. Once itĺs completed the high risk elements are identified.
  • Fault Tree Analysis: the most severe undesired states of the system are analyzed with the Fault Tree method that allows to compute the Failure Rate as well as the Mean Time To Repair.

    Capsimĺs work could prove that our clientĺs design structure was capable of performing the expected tasks. Critical and serious items of the distribution network were identified. Finally our report could prove that the systemĺs reliability and maintainability was in compliance with the standards.

    Functional Block Diagram
    Functional Block Diagram

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