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The design of a system must ensure that it is capable of carrying out the functions for which it has been created. These conditions often require strict acceptance testing of the system parameters or setting of a large margin on the criteria associated with the functions, in order to avoid non-fulfilment of these criteria.

Unfortunately, applying such margins involves oversizing the system and the constraint of strict acceptance testing, resulting in increased production cost of its production. However, an in-depth understanding of the influence of the various parameters on the capacity of the system to comply with the functional criteria allows these extra costs to be avoided.

Service principle:
CAPSIM has developed a reliability study tool based on a numerical model of the system studied, produced using PSIM, and a reliability calculation using Phimecasoft software.

The results make it possible to:
- evaluate the influence of the acceptance ranges for parameters on the correct realization of functional criteria
- optimize these ranges so as to ensure correct realization of the functional criteria while minimizing production costs

Corresponding achievement(s):

Programming a reliability study using Phimecasoft for a system modelled using PSIM
Programming a reliability study using Phimecasoft for a system modelled using PSIM

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