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Feasibility study of replacement converter units

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As part of a program for maintaining the operational condition of ships, the customer wished to study the feasibility of replacing the power converter sets which used rotary equipment with a solution based on static converters.
The power converter sets, consisting of a mechanically linked "direct current machine + synchronous machine", are reversible converter units which allow conversion of the AC 440/60 Hz power network to the 198 V DC battery network. This equipment, of old design, was ageing and becoming obsolete. Breakdown detection had become increasingly complex and the adjustment of the control loops as well as the requalification tests were increasingly tiresome.

The project therefore involved producing a functional analysis of the existing system in order to redefine the functions associated with the power generation system independently of the technology used. The functional analysis was to be used as the basis of a search for new technical solutions to respond to the requirement and to consult with suppliers. This consultation phase was followed a by technical assistance phase to analyze the feasibility of the proposed solutions.

Capsim produced a conformity matrix for the converter system making it possible to write the technical specification for the new system. Further, Capsim consulted the main market suppliers and analyzed the feasibility of the various solutions proposed.

The customer was able to use the study in its choice of the replacement solution for the system.

 Example of definition of the criteria of a function
Example of definition of the criteria of a function

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