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Simulation engineering


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The use of simulation software for analysis, design, understanding and control of electricity grids and systems is becoming increasingly common if not standardized. It often allows optimum decisions to be made while limiting technical risk and can be a judicious substitute to acquiring costly test benches and measurements.

The great calculation possibilities offered by simulation and calculation tools such as ETAP, CYME, EDSA, PSIM, EMTP, Matlab Simulink, PowerFactory, etc.. necessarily imply a certain complexity of use. Utilization of these tools is not possible without prior training making their operation possible.
However, for training to be effective it must be applied to actual cases relating closely to your own problems. It must not simply be about the tool but also the method (choice of parameters, making of assumptions, analysis of results) in order to master the use of the calculation tool.

Service principle:
Through its experience over more than 10 years in numerical simulation and the daily use of electrotechnical calculation tools by its study engineers in a variety of applications, Capsim can assist you in learning to use simulation and calculation software:
- Grid sizing software: Depending on the modules, ETAP (recommended by CAPSIM), EDSA, CYME, CANECO, etc. calculate power flows, short-circuits, harmonics, stability, the protection plan, etc.
- Calculation software for electromagnetic transients and multi-physics systems: PSIM, EMTP and PSCAD calculate specific transient phenomena or particular components (power electronics, electromechanical components, electro-thermal component, etc.)
Dependent on your needs, Capsim offers you an entirely personalized training programme from the point of view of both duration and content. The training can, for example, be based on a model of your project which Capsim has prepared for you beforehand or be based on the performance of a standard study of your application. It is delivered by an expert study engineer with significant experience of industrial simulations.

Hence you will master all the potential of the simulation tools that you possess and become autonomous in using, configuring and updating the models made available to you.

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