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CAPSIM works for industrial customers, designing and analysing their energy networks, particularly high voltage electricity.

These activities may relate to new facility projects, such as international projects for petrochemical factories or offshore platforms. In this case, CAPSIM produces electrical studies at various stages of the project, preliminary studies for validation of an electrical architecture, sizing in the FEED phase (Front End Engineering Design), or detailed studies.

Alternatively, CAPSIM also investigates electricity grids of existing facilities with the aim of evaluating modifications, updating the protection plan of a high-voltage grid, analyzing the ageing and compliance of the site with regard to the standards in force.

All of these activities usually involve modelling the electricity grid of the site using a dedicated tool. Hence CAPSIM has used ETAP software to model and study the electricity grids of refineries, polyethylene production factories, paper mills, steelworks, offshore platforms, FPSO (Floating Platform and Storage units), gas compression units, etc.

CAPSIM can offer framework contracts allowing the customer to handle its requirements for electrical calculations on its in-service grid in a flexible and reactive manner. In this case, CAPSIM manages the numerical model of the facility and responds to requests including those having urgent criteria (evaluation of a particular configuration before carrying out work on site, analysis of an incident, etc.).

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