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Maintaining in Operational Condition the MOSARE simulation modelling platform

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Customer: DGA TN

The MOSARE project was developed by CAPSIM in response to the following needs:
  • To have a tool available which can increase the technical expertise on new programmes,
  • To study the impact of new technologies proposed by industrial companies,
  • To produce expert reports on the fleet already in service.

The MOSARE platform is in the form of graphic interfaces and allows simulation of electrical power grids using PSIM, ETAP and Matlab Simulink software. The integrated database is therefore structured in a way which allows bringing together the models, grids and documents.

In particular, the platform makes it possible to carry out forward-looking studies on the choice of electrical architecture (e.g. the All Electric Ship concept). Further, the customer uses the platform during design programmes to reduce the risks relating to electrical instability of the grid, to ensure respect of energy quality standards, for analysis of failure events or even for analysis of the impact of modifications to the electrical grids (Maintaining in Operational Condition, new technologies, etc.).

Since this modelling and simulation platform is in a constant state of development, due to customer activities which never cease to grow, CAPSIM continues operating its approach of "Maintaining in Operational Condition". Additional analysis tools are under development (harmonic analysis, energy analysis, etc.) and multiphysics models are currently being integrated (factory steam, mechanical aspects, etc.).

Interface window for simulation result analysis
Interface window for simulation result analysis

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