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Modelling an electromagnetic lifting system

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The system studied is composed of vertical rods whose lower ends are immersed in a liquid under pressure. Vertical displacement of the rods is achieved using grippers activated by induction coils.
In order to identify the failure risks of the system as part of the modification of its control system, it was necessary to evaluate the influence of the various parameters on the displacement controls for these rods. To achieve this, a model was produced using PSIM software.

In addition to modelling the various phenomena operating within the system: fluid pressure on the rods, elastic force of the spring for the grippers, magnetic force exerted by the coils on the grippers, etc., Capsim used test curves to determine the various relevant parameters: stiffness of the springs, inductance of the coils, parameters of the regulator, etc.
Furthermore, Capsim has defined a validation strategy for realization of the rods' displacements by measuring the currents in the electrical room, it being impossible to measure the position of the rods directly.

This simulation has therefore made it possible to determine changes in the vertical position of the rods over time during several possible scenarios and under several sets of external conditions.

Model of the electromagnetic lifting system (PSIM diagram)
Model of the electromagnetic lifting system (PSIM diagram)

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