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Modelling the electrical supply system for the JT-60 tokamak in Japan

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In order to accompany the nuclear fusion research activities of the ITER project, it has proved necessary to improve the Japanese JT60 fusion reactor (tokamak). Capsim has participated in the design of the project by modelling all of the electrical supply infrastructure and by simulating the current draw necessary for a plasma shot.
The objective was to evaluate the impact in terms of the active power, reactive power, frequency and voltage of the network, and to verify the correct sizing of the equipment that makes up the system.

Capsim have therefore modelled the entire electrical supply network using PSIM software. Indeed, its singularity makes it impossible to represent the supply using software designed for static calculations on the network (ETAP, PSAF, EDSA, etc.):
  • The electrical power consumption, whether active or reactive, varies in a highly dynamic manner with time: we refer to a plasma shot scenario.
  • The loads are in fact induction coils of several Henries, supplied with a continuous voltage, for which the inductances are coupled together.
  • The AC supply to the grid for the loads is generated by two alternators with rotors driven by very large inertia wheels. The power draw of the loads, slowing down the rotation of these flywheels, results in a variation in the frequency of the grid.

The model produced by Capsim has made it possible to verify the correct sizing of the various major energy conversion components (AC/DC converters, transformers, alternators) and allowed design of a complex system for sequencing and relaying of the converters supplying the coils.

Model of the electrical supply grid to the JT 60 Tokamak (extract from the PSIM diagram)
Model of the electrical supply grid to the JT 60 Tokamak (extract from the PSIM diagram)

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