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Within an industrial electricity grid, the protection of goods and people requires a protection plan to be put in place, based on a designation of the settings for the protection equipment, respecting certain selectivity principles. That is to say, each protection device must be activated by the faults assigned to it and not be inadvertently activated by other faults.

Internal modifications to an HV or LV grid, or to the electrical connection point (short-circuit power), can render the initial settings of the protection devices obsolete and thus call into question their ability to eliminate short-circuits at the correct level.

Service principle:
To provide this type of service, Capsim initially performs calculations of the fault currents at all points on the grid concerned. The objective is to identify the minimum and maximum values of the current which the protection devices must eliminate.
The next stage consists of analyzing the protection plan or defining a new plan: which protection devices must respond in the event of a fault and under what criteria.
The settings and selectivity analysis stage involves constructing current-time curves allowing the selectivity to be verified.

Depending on the outcome of the analysis of the existing system, Capsim will be able to recommend:
- Validating the protection plan in its current state
- Validating the protection plan by adjusting certain settings of the protection devices (settings booklets),
- Revising the protection plan by defining a new protection strategy for the site (generally practised on sites which wish to change the technology of their protection devices: e.g. changing from analogue to digital).

Corresponding achievement(s):

Selectivity curves (distribution grid for an LNG tanker terminal)
Selectivity curves (distribution grid for an LNG tanker terminal)

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