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Sizing the distribution grid for a new town

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As part of a new town pilot study (eco-city concept), it was necessary to carry out a basic pilot project for the electricity distribution grid.

Assumptions on consumption, linked to specific characteristics of the local population and of the net surface area of the plots, were defined to provide a representative level of electrical consumption. This allowed CAPSIM to use a dedicated numerical model to calculate the installed power and the maximum power within each plot.
CAPSIM then possessed all the elements necessary to define a distribution grid: positioning and sizing of the transformers and power lines, so as to comply with both the power and voltage drop limits.
Finally, CAPSIM estimated the cost envelope of the investments required for the grid that had been thus dimensioned.

From this Capsim study the customer received a report containing:
  • the preliminary sizing of the grid for electrification of the town, calculated with an overcapacity defined according to future developments and its master plan,
  • financial calculations of the costs of materials and associated installation works.

Model of the distribution grid with routing of the main lines
Model of the distribution grid with routing of the main lines

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