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Study of the electrical connection of wind farms

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Wind farm diagram
Wind farm diagram
As part of the electrical connection of a wind farm, the future producer needed to comply with the latest regulations, in particular the French law of 23 April 2008. This law relates to the technical requirements of the design and operation of an electricity producing facility for connection to the public electricity distribution grid at low or medium voltage and imposes certain constraints in terms of the voltage plan to be observed at the common coupling point (point of delivery).
The producer must then study the adjustments and set points on the machines to satisfy the voltage plan at the common coupling point imposed by the distributor (contractual voltage and reactive production and absorption).

CAPSIM modelled all of the grids for its customer's project using ETAP in such a way as to be able to calculate the power flows and to develop the voltage plans in the form of [UQ] diagrams. A selectivity study of the protection of the farm and delivery station was also carried out using ETAP to avoid any risk of inadvertent triggering of the wind turbines.

The study was used to evaluate the compliance of farm with the constraints imposed and to define remedial solutions to the problems of selectivity encountered in the past.

UQ diagram at the point of delivery
UQ diagram at the point of delivery

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