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Study of the stability of the electrical power grid for aircraft carrier PA2

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Example of a bow thruster start-up
Example of a bow thruster start-up
As part of the project for the realization of a second French aircraft carrier, PA2, in the "All Electrical Ship" version, it was necessary to validate the design choices for the electrical power grid of the ship and to verify that all the standard constraints could be met, particularly from the point of view of the dynamic stability of the power grid.

To achieve this, Capsim carried out:
  • Modelling using PSIM software and validation of all of the equipment of the electrical power grid (diesel generator, gas turbine, energy consuming systems, propulsion system, careen and propeller, etc.) and their integration into a global model,
  • Behavioural analysis of the installation during normal operating scenarios (acceleration phase, crash stop, connection and/or disconnection of the power source, start-up of the bow thruster, etc.) and incident scenarios (short-circuit, shaft breakage, etc.).

The study allowed partial validation of the design choices, meeting the standard constraints in terms of voltage quality and stability, as well as identification of the associated operating constraints (configurations to avoid, etc.).

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