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Tool enabling the conception and validation of the control of hybrid electrical smartgrids

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The hybridation of Diesel power stations with renewable energy sources is interesting in the case of isolated electrical grids which are very far from any transmission grid.
The aim of this project was to implement hybridation of power stations feeding towns isolated from any electrical grid (micro-grid in this case) in Oriental Siberia and in the Kamchatka peninsula (in Russia) via the addition of photovoltaic power stations, wind farms, and energy storage systems.
Indeed, the conditions of extreme cold and high supplying fuel distances to these areas may lead to high electricity production costs, which could be significantly decreased by means of hybridation.
The network user of these isolated electrical grid wished therefore to:
  • Implement an energy management strategy so as to directly control the equipment of the hybrid power stations,
  • Create a simulation tool allowing the validation of the optimal operation of the power stations as well as the optimisation of the equipment sizing.

Capsim developed a numerical model of the hybrid power station with Matlab-Simulink software allowing the representation of the following elements (in a detailed way):
  • Conventional generators (Diesel, gas turbine, thermal power, etc...),
  • Renewable energy power sources (PV, wind turbine, hydraulic, etc...),
  • Loads (priority, non-priority, controllable ones),
  • The energy storage systems (inertial, batteries),
  • The electrical grid,
  • The energy management automated system.

Capsim has also conceived an algorithm of the control system regarding the energy management system of the hybrid power station. This has been realised in 3 phases:
  • Functional analysis allowing to accurately define the various functions of the energy management system to be implemented, as well as the accessible control variables (wind turbine pitch control, PV converters, controllable loads, stop/start of generators, etc...),
  • Specification and programming of the energy management algorithm into Matlab software,
  • Test and validation of the algorithm thanks to numerical simulations of the power station in not only classical operation situations (that can be reproduced during tests of the starting of the station) but also situations that cannot reproduced by tests (for example simultaneous appearance of clouds with a sudden drop of wind).

This tool allows to represent any isolated network of isolated sites and to reproduce all of the scenarios which are supposedly critical for sizing purposes (wind gust, motor starting, etc...) and to check:
  • The correct behavior of the energy management control system,
  • The respect of the frequency and voltage acceptable operating limits.

Evolution of the active powers of the various components in power station during a test scenario
Evolution of the active powers of the various components in power station during a test scenario

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