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CAPSIM is an independent design office working alongside project owners and contractors on electrical technology and multiphysics systems.

Assistance at all stages of your project

Equipped with cutting edge skills in the domain of electrical technology and electrical energy, Capsim assists you at all stages in the realization of your projects:
  • Before the project: producing preliminary designs, comparisons of solutions, preliminary calculations.
  • Detailed studies:
    • Dimensioning electrical power grids: calculation for cables, voltage plan, power flow, short-circuits, protection/selectivity plan,
    • Specific electrical studies (stability study, transient behaviour analysis, harmonics, ferroresonance, etc.),
    • "System" studies: FMECA, reliability study, dynamic numerical modelling.
  • Production and commissioning: drawing up of specification documents, definition and implementation of test procedures, validation/approval of the technical dossier.
  • Exploitation: incident consultancy, analysis of measurements, analysis of the impact of modifications, etc.

Skills in a wide range of sectors and specialisms

CAPSIM is active in all fields, from the transport industry to defence and research.

Its skills range from the ideal performance of static sizing studies to expertise in transient phenomena and are based on the following specialisms:
  • Low voltage electro-technology and electrical power grids at the HVB level (machines, distribution and transport equipment, protection systems, etc.),
  • Primary energy sources (diesel motors, gas and steam turbines, solar, wind, etc.),
  • Power electronics (converters, variable-voltage regulators, etc.),
  • Specialisms at the interface with electrical equipment (mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, control and regulation).

Complementary assets

The major assets of CAPSIM include, on the one hand, its control of tools and techniques for modelling and numerical simulation, and on the other hand its experience across the entire range of industrial Electrotechnical problems. The combination of these two abilities allows it to forecast, quantify and analyse the normal or incidental behaviour of electrical networks, electrical and other energy systems.

Capsim is ISO 9001 certified (version 2015).

CAPSIM - 11 Boulevard de la Grande Thumine - Parc d'Ariane, Batiment E1 - 13090 Aix-en-Provence - France
Tel : +33 (0)4 42 63 61 18