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Study of the stability of the electrical power grid for aircraft carrier PA2

As part of the project for the realization of a second French aircraft carrier, PA2, in the "All Electrical Ship" version, it was necessary to validate the design choices for the electrical power grid of the ship and to verify that all the standard constraints could be met, particularly from the point of view of the dynamic stability of the power grid. [...]

Functional analysis for specification of an emergency power generator

The objective of this study was to define the Specification for modifications to be applied to an industrial emergency power unit so that it could fulfil specific requirements, notably in terms of the safety of the target application. This generator, classed as "important safety equipment", fulfils an emergency power supply function for a test nuclear reactor.
The study therefore involved defining the additional tests or studies which will make it possible to qualify the diesel generator unit with respect to these requirements. [...]

Functional analysis for specification of a ship propulsion system

When undertaking its ship-construction activities, our customer is subject to the requirements of reliability standards and must design its ships in such a way that they are always able to conserve 50% of the propulsive power and to retain the capacity for its control in the event of a single failure. CAPSIM was therefore given responsibility for defining a methodology capable of taking into account and guaranteeing that this constraint was met from the ship's design phase onwards. [...]

Maintaining in Operational Condition the MOSARE simulation modelling platform

The MOSARE project was developed by CAPSIM in response to the following needs:
  • To have a tool available which can increase the technical expertise on new programmes,
  • To study the impact of new technologies proposed by industrial companies,
  • To produce expert reports on the fleet already in service.

Creation of a tool for calculating the impedance of electric railway lines

Over the past few years, technological developments in power electronics have allowed locomotives to be powered via a new generation of converters. One consequence of the arrival of this new equipment has been the appearance of harmonic currents which circulate in electric railway lines at harmonic values which had not previously been present.
It is therefore necessary to be able to ascertain whether or not, in certain configurations, it was possible for these currents to create undesirable overvoltage incidents, leading to cuts in the power supply and possibly damaging equipment. [...]

Feasibility study of replacement converter units

As part of a program for maintaining the operational condition of ships, the customer wished to study the feasibility of replacing the power converter sets which used rotary equipment with a solution based on static converters.
The power converter sets, consisting of a mechanically linked "direct current machine + synchronous machine", are reversible converter units which allow conversion of the AC 440/60 Hz power network to the 198 V DC battery network. This equipment, of old design, was ageing and becoming obsolete. Breakdown detection had become increasingly complex and the adjustment of the control loops as well as the requalification tests were increasingly tiresome.

The project therefore involved producing a functional analysis of the existing system in order to redefine the functions associated with the power generation system independently of the technology used. The functional analysis was to be used as the basis of a search for new technical solutions to respond to the requirement and to consult with suppliers. This consultation phase was followed a by technical assistance phase to analyze the feasibility of the proposed solutions. [...]

Assisting the real-time running of an electrical power grid model for a helicopter

As part of the development of a simulation platform intended for use by helicopter pilot crews, a representative model of the electrical power grid for the pilot and the other systems which can be simulated in real-time was required.

CAPSIM was asked by its customer to develop this real-time model of the helicopter's electrical power grid containing the generators, batteries, DC distribution system and the various power consumption units.

The "real-time" constraint led to the use of a sufficiently rapid discrete solver with fixed time step, the electrical equipment and the power grid being developed in the AMESim environment.
This, therefore, involved studying the physical and behavioural phenomena to be modelled and proposing an adequate power grid model which could be run in real-time. [...]

Study of a DC network with ETAP

The customer wished to be able to create and exploit an ETAP model of his LV (28V) DC network so as to study the electrical behavior in steady network conditions as well as during short-circuits.
CAPSIM was therefore requested for this mission for its expertise and knowledge of networks under strong technical and regulatory constraints (civilian and military nuclear, offshore rigs, complex scientific equipment, etc...) and its knowledge regarding electrical calculation tools. [...]

Expertise of a Diesel-Generator supplied network

Following the commissioning of the all electric shipĺs power station, a phenomenon active power ôpumpingö (of several MW) between 2 diesel generators has been observed. This phenomenon is characterised by active power transfer in both ways from one diesel generator to another; and is likely to cause a malfunction of the control system as well as an accelerated deterioration of the diesel generators themselves. The network operator wishes to identify the causes of this issue and to solve this problem. [...]

Expertise regarding diesel generator fed complex systems

Soon after the commissioning of a 3MVA diesel generator on a site, degradations and tears were noticed in the mechanical coupling between the diesel engine and the alternator. The expert checking on the mechanical coupling did not show any fault on the deteriorations.
The network manager therefore requested CAPSIM to do a diagnostic based on numerical simulations. [...]

Reliability report on distribution electrical network

Clientĺs project has to be in compliance with a requested level of reliability, availability and maintainability. A complete Reliability report must be carried out to prove that the installation design is in compliance with the expected reliability. [...]

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