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Our industries

CAPSIM began operating in 2000 in the defence sector, undertaking studies on the stability of high voltage power grids on board military vessels, as well as analyzing energy systems subject to strong constraints, intended for on-board nuclear reactors.

These skills have also allowed CAPSIM to become active in the merchant navy (study of HVA networks) and general transport sectors (railways and aeronautics).

In parallel, CAPSIM has developed its activities for heavy industry by carrying out studies and consultancies on HVB and HVA electrical power grids on industrial sites and on offshore oil installations.

CAPSIM is also active in the energy sector, working with the major players in nuclear and thermal energy production as well as distribution and transport.

CAPSIM is participating in international research projects such as, for example, nuclear fusion installations (Tokamak) including ITER.

Technological and regulatory developments in the field of energy networks have resulted in CAPSIM assisting companies in the renewable energy sector with connection of these new decentralized production systems (wind farms, solar energy production, cogeneration, biomass, marine currents, etc.).

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